• Write down your weekly outgoings (costs) - eg. Rent, food, leisure and stick to this spending plan.  This is hands down the most important tip to making your money last the terms, any overspending will only mean you will run out of money further down the line!
  • Save money on travel & trips to and from home with Student travel cards, railcards etc. In your University City you can always purchase a weekly, monthly or annual reduced bus ticket for all of your local journeys via a local bus operator. A little organisation here will save you a lot of £ further down the line in saved ubers & premium bus rates. For national journeys there are big savings to be had with the following Rail & Coachcards: 16-25 Railcard – £28 a year for 33% off rail fares. Young Persons Coachcard – £10 a year (plus £1.50 p&p) for 33% off coach fares. 18+ Student Oyster Photocard – pay a £10 admin fee for 30% off London travelcard costs. For added savings on national journeys always plan ahead and book as far in advance where possible.
  • Eating well doesn’t have to be expensive, feed yourself well while at Uni by following these tips! Stock up on non/less perishable foods such as tins, dried foods (rice, pasta etc) & frozen foods in bulk from the supermarket. And when shopping in the supermarket avoid impulse buys (don’t go shopping whilst hungry!) And avoid branded products where possible and opt for the supermarkets own version of them. Most importantly - Make sure your food shopping bill fits within your budget for the week.
  • Minimise food wastage to keep your shopping bill down. Invest in some tupperware or freezer bags to store leftovers in the fridge for tomorrows pack lunch or in the freezer for another time!
  • Books & Course materials - Many first year students spend more £ than they expect on these hidden extras, so be sure to factor these into your budget!
  • Freshers Lockdown party
  • Most Universities run second hand book sales and many have book Buy & Sell groups on Facebook, so be sure to check these to try and find those books that are on your reading list. Second year students will often be selling the books on their reading lists from previous years so there are many bargains to be had.
  • Scout the university library to see if you can borrow the books from your course reading list. You can often save yourself the need to buy certain books entirely just by checking the University library, but act fast as many other students may have the same idea!
  • Clothes! It can be tempting to go on a big shopping spree when your loan drops but remember where this fits in your budget! Always use your Student discount
  • Shop around for student contents insurance. Make sure this covers loss & damage for your mobile phone. Any cracked screens or lost phones can swallow up a sizeable chunk of your terms budget, so if you think you’re likely to find yourself in this position then this is definitely something you should consider.
  • Avoid credit cards at all costs. It might sound like a great idea but it’s really not. Paying interest is money lost. Don’t live beyond your means and get a job if needed, leaving University in any unnecessary debt will only hold you back in the future.

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